Getting to Know Our Interns: Amanda

Amanda Birkenhauer: Fall 2011 Intern

What’s your favorite part of working at Redux? The awesome staff and the creative atmosphere.

What’s your favorite lunch food pick-up? Dell’z Deli…the beach bum

Favorite caffeinated beverage? Sugar-Free Red Bull

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Working at an NGO in either New York or on the West Coast and to be fluent in Spanish.

Where would you like your next big travel adventure to be to? Either Thailand or Iceland (Hot Springs)

Favorite Artist/Period/Piece of Art? “The Garden of Earthly Delights” by Hieronymous Bosch

What’s been your favorite exhibition/event at Redux so far? I really like Liz Miller’s show, “Picturesque Evacuation Ploy”. I loved seeing her process and how it all evolved and became a final product.

Favorite place/thing to do in Charleston? Beach…even though there are too many things in the ocean that could eat/pinch/sting me

If you could have a super human power, what would it be? Flying, could save a lot of money on downtown parking

Favorite Movie? Donnie Darko

Favorite Piece of Art from the Art Auction? Scott Debus’s pieces “We Should Hook Up” and “Give Me a Call When You’re In Charleston”.

Who is your celebrity crush? Evan Peters, guy from American Horror Story:)


One response to “Getting to Know Our Interns: Amanda

  1. Amanda, why are you obsessed with that little boy?!

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