An Ode to Quilts

Redux exhibiting artist Sean Rileys recent work consists of beautiful quilts made from his late father’s clothes, several of which are on display now in our current exhibition, Home Again, Home Again. We decided to show a few quilts that we find especially inspiring. Enjoy!

Cotton, Mordant-dyed and resist-dyed, Coromandel Coast, ca. 1700 - 1750

Cotton yarn and silk thread, Woven and embroidered, Iran, 1800 - 1860

Patchwork of silks, England, 1860 - 1870

Pieced wool, Lined with damask, India, ca. 1864 - 1877, by Francis Brayley

Plain weave cotton, Resist-dyed, Fujian, 1920 - 1940

Please visit the Victoria & Albert Museums website to see more of these amazing quilts!


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