The Palletpavillion: The Art of Green Design

The Palletpavillion designed by Matthias Loebermann; Image by Mila Hacke.

Meet the Palletpavillion. This sculptural, cave-like structure was made with all sustainable materials. It was created by eco-conscious designer, Matthias Loebermann and served as a temporary meeting place for the Nordic Alpine Skiing World Championship in Germany in 2005. Made of 1300 reclaimed shipping pallets and held together with tie rods and ground anchors, Loebermann designed the pallet house to be as easily assembled as taken apart so that it too may be recycled after the event.

The Palletpavillion at night; Image by Mila Hacke

At night, the building was artfully lit from within, reflecting light onto the nearby landscape.  For more information about pallet houses and other innovative & sustainable designs got to

To learn more about sustainable living in Charleston, visit The Sustainability Institute’s website at


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