Thinking About Neon

Keith Lemley will be showcasing his amazing neon sculptures in Redux’s gallery beginning Friday, January 27.

We were curious, and we thought you might be too, about what exactly neon is. Neon is found in trace amounts in air and can be extracted directly from the Earth’s atmosphere. It was discovered in 1898 when British chemists chilled a sample of the atmosphere to the point that it became liquid. They then warmed the substance and collected any gasses that boiled off; they found nitrogen, oxygen, argon, krypton, xenon, and, of course, neon!

We were also curious about what other artists use this unique medium in their work. Here are a few examples of neon art we found:

"Two Horses for Munster" by Stephan Huber, 2002

"Seven Virtues and Seven Vices" by Bruce Nauman, 1983

"Life Death / Knows Doesn't Know" by Bruce Nauman, 1983

"Sky's the Limit" by Michael Hayden, 2008


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