Redux’s Liz Vaughan – First Solo Show at the CCPL

Now thru February 29, you can view, Liz Vaughan’s New Works: Scaps and Remnants, in the Saul Alexander Gallery at the Charleston County Public Library. Liz’s work explores the relationship between identity and landscape. It is a contemplative, thoughtful, and carefully-crafted body of work.  In her words, “I combine elements of historic photographic processes, letterpress and other illustrative elements to create experimental collages, video and installation. The combination of historic processes and contemporary subject matter creates a visual narrative that is both highly personal and a reference to a shared history with the viewer.” View her website here.

Tumbleweed Truck by Liz Vaughan; From the Scaps & Remnants series.

Liz is an active member in the Charleston arts community and a vital part of Redux. We caught up with her today, and here’s what she had to say.

How many years have you been at Redux now and what do you love about being a part of Redux?  Since I graduated in 2009 I have been involved with Redux as a studio renter. I love Redux because it is a sanctuary where artists can take risks, network and make artwork. To me, Redux is grassroots—the backbone of the Contemporary Art scene in Charleston.

Where did you go to school?  I have a BA in Studio Art from College of Charleston. I graduated in 2009. I also have taken 3 summer workshops at Penland School of Craft, which I feel has been a huge influence in my education.

Liz, you experiment with many different types of media from printmaking to mixed-media & film. Do you have a preference for one medium in particular?  For me, it’s never been about being a photographer or being a printmaker. It is more about finding the best possible means to portray my story.

What projects are you currently working on? Right now, I am working on a screen-printing project where I distort text into patterns. I’m also working on an (underground) online cooking show, playing music in my new band, leading a fundraiser for Redux…. and who knows what else!

Why do you make art?  I decided that it was my way to connect with the universe. It puts me in really strange, beautiful situations.

Where is home for you?  That is a really heavy question. So far, all of my work is pretty much about just that. Home can mean so many different things. I think I have at least 5 different places I consider home. Charleston, of course, is my favorite.

Motto?  Sometimes you eat the bar and sometimes the bar eats you.  -The Big Lebowski

If you could travel anywhere in the world—if time and money were not an issue—where would you go?  Scandanavia!

Where do you find inspiration?  I find inspiration in landscapes (urban and rural), the idea of how memories work, strong women, punk rock music and my mother.


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