Revival at Redux Countdown – 3 Days!

Live Portrait and Landscape Art For Sale!

During the The Revival, Redux studio artists Camela Guevara, Greg Hart, Ivy Williams and Teil Duncan will be making & selling art. Come watch these amazing artists at work!

Print by Camela Guevara

Camela Guevara is a printmaker, painter, as well as seamstress. Her work merges fashion and fine art and was recently exhibited in College of Charleston’s Young Contemporaries, Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art, Charleston, SC. She was the winner of Redux’s 2011 Portrait Battle.

Portrait by Greg Hart

Greg Hart’s paintings deal with the tension between anonymous portraits (primarily based on 19th century photographs) and an expressive aesthetic informed by the Fauves and Street Art. He was one of eight emerging artists selected for Contemporary Charleston 2011.

Grace by Ivy Williams

Ivy Williams employs a variety of techniques in her work including printmaking, painting, book arts and mixed media. Through a feminine perspective, her work intimately articulates ideas about memory, identity, and human relationships. 

Forest II by Teil Duncan, Oil, 30" x 40"

Teil Duncan is an oil painter from Columbus, Georgia. Her direct influences and inspirations are the people and places in which she is surrounded. Teil’s style is ever evolving and changing, from realism to non objective artwork.


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