Revival at Redux Countdown – Yay, It’s Here!

Yes, Redux has it’s very own disco ball. Come let it’s light shine on you. Rain or sun, your heart and soul will feel revived with all the great music The Recurring Revival has to offer! :-) :-):-) 

Celebrate good times, C'mon!

Here’s the music line-up for The Recurring Revival @ Redux Today! 

12:00 pm – Sam Sfirri
1 pm – Rachel Kate Gillon
2 pm – Stephanie Underhill
3 pm – Where Are the Big People?
3:30 pm – Guam
4 pm – The V-Tones of Charleston
5 pm – Bill Carson
6 pm – Lindsay Holler
7 pm – Forest Tourist
8:15 pm – Go for Launch
9:15 pm – Yes Yes Michael Ersing
9:45 pm – Southern Femisphere
10:15 pm – DJ Party Dad and LanatronArt and prints will be available for sale.

Don't miss DJ Party Dad's Vinyl Disco!

Tickets are $12 at the door. Kids are free!


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