Come to the Charleston Art Walk Tonight!

Charleston’s Downtown Art Walk is tonight, so come celebrate and support our vibrant art community against the backdrop of the waxing Super Moon!

The 2012 Super Moon will be visible tomorrow at 11:35 p.m. EDT.

It will be a great night to catch Redux’s “must see” exhibit, The Plantation (Plan-ta-shun) by Colin Quashie before it comes down this Sunday. This powerful exhibit has brought a wide range of visitors, including many school classes, as Quashie uses his artwork to raise questions that involve scrutinizing the power bases of our social system, causing us to examine our collective political perceptions. 

Colin Quashie, “Plan-ta-shun” comes down this Sunday. Don’t miss the opportunity to see this important show.

Also, several of Redux Studio Renters will be exhibiting their art work in the Redux’s Conolly Studio Gallery and/or other local galleries around town. Rebecca West Fraser, Jen ErvinKirsten Moran, Karen Ann Meyers and Charles Williams are just to name a few. It’s going to be a beautiful night!


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