Redux Studio Artist: Jennifer Ervin @ Jericho Advisors


With all the warm summer weather Charleston has been graced with lately, it seems amicable timing to revisit and savor summer memories with Redux Studio Artist,  Jen Ervin‘s solo photography exhibition, This Side of Summer, at Jericho Advisors,  207A St. Philip Street. Ervin’s work is on view  now by appointment through February, 20, 2013.

Ervin’s series explores the ethereal world of childhood and was born from time spent with her children during the long, humid summer days at their family cabin in the woods and at their home in the low country. Ervin states,

While some families play board games together, we tend to pass the time by working collaboratively on photography projects.

Ervin shot these hauntingly beautiful photographs with her 1963 Polaroid Land 100 Camera and then enlarged them the digital darkroom. The final images are mysterious and poetic  and all awaken a curiosity for the stories behind them.




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