Happy Birthday Joan Mitchell

Portrait of Joan Mitchell

Abstract Expressionist, Joan Mitchell (Feb. 12, 1925 – Oct. 30, 1992)

Today, February 12, marks the birthday of one of the world’s most celebrated painters of the Abstract Expressionist movement, Joan Mitchell. Through her gestural brushstrokes of light and paint, Mitchell was able to create her own visual vocabulary that exudes poetry and an exuberance of life. Not only was she a master of color, Mitchell was one of the few female painters of this era to receive critical claim. Many of Joan Mitchell’s works are exhibited in major museums around the world. 

Mitchell’s legacy lives on through the Joan Mitchell Foundation. This remarkable foundation celebrates and expands her vision by providing several programs that support contemporary artists. Learn More>>

Painting, Left; In her studio, right.

“Untitled”, 1968-1969 (left).  Mitchell in her studio (right) 

Hemlock by Joan Mitchell, Whitney Museum of Modern Art

“Hemlock” by Joan Mitchell, 1956; oil on canvas. Whitney Museum of Modern Art


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