Redux’s Alizey Khan


Alizey Khan in her Redux studio, 2013

Redux Studio Artist and staff member, Alizey Khan is currently exhibiting her astronomical paintings and prints in her first solo exhibit, Interspatial, in the Saul Alexander Gallery at the Charleston County Public Library. Her exhibit will be on view from July 2 through August 17. There will be a opening reception on Tuesday, July 2 from 5 pm – 7:45 pm. During the reception, Alizey will give an artist talk (at 5:30pm) and give away a limited number of free linocuts!

We recently had the opportunity to talk with Alizey about her work. Here’s what she had to say.

Congrats on your new solo show, Interspatial. Tell us a little about your yourself and what you do. I am a recent graduate of CofC. I double majored in Studio Art and Arts Administration. During my last semester at CofC, I interned at Redux. Now I am a part-time staff member as Membership and Media Coordinator. I also have a studio at Redux where I make most of my current work. I have another job at Artist and Craftsman Supply, where I see Redux artists buying stuff all of the time. I spend most of my time working but I use much of  my spare time to make art.

Describe “Interspatial” in three words. Ethereal. Meditative. Nebulous.

Why do you make art? I know my time on this planet is short, and I want to leave something tangible behind to be remembered by! 

What inspires you? Beauty in nature; recurring patterns in physics; good design in our culture.

What do you find most satisfying about your artistic process? I use subject matter as the unifying theme in my work rather than style or medium. This allows me a lot of freedom to experiment with different techniques and materials with the images I make. I like to do a lot more than just paint, so I’m glad I have the opportunity to include printmaking and resin layering techniques in my portfolio.

Have you always been interested in astronomical science? I have visited NASA’s Astronomy Picture of the Day almost daily for the last five years. I’ve always been interested in images of nebulae, galaxies and other beautiful celestial bodies; but, I never took the time to research them until I started painting them. Now I feel like I have learned a lot through this series.

What artists do you admire and why? I really love Yayoi Kusama for her lifelong fanatical dedication to the motifs she uses – her installation work with mirrors and lights is my favorite! I also love Julie Heffernan’s ethereal brushwork ,and her masterful use of strong colors and lighting effects in her paintings. Locally, I really admire Karen Ann Myers and her ability to juggle working as a professional exhibiting artist, a curator at the Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art and as an instructor at CofC. She’s my hero.


Yayoi Kusama

What do you hope your viewers learn/gain from your work? Most of all  I hope they gain a sense of curiosity, wonder and scale. It’s amazing how small you start to feel once you start looking into how big the universe really is. It really puts all of one’s minor worries into perspective.

If you could live anywhere in the world – if time and money were not an issue – where would you go? I would really love to live in Florence, Italy one day. The weather is perfect there, there’s tons of art, and the food is amazing.


Khan’s “Interspatial”, on view July 2 – August 17, 2013

Last great book you read. The Magicians by Lev Grossman. It’s a bit like Harry Potter and The Chronicles of Narnia, only it’s written for an older audience who has already read all of those books. It deconstructs the genres of magic-school and magic-world books.

If you are not painting/working, you are….hanging out with friends, usually playing Settlers of Catan. I actually plan to make my own Settlers of Catan board soon.

Tell us about your upcoming class at Redux. I’m teaching an intensive four-week Resin Painting Workshop. I’m really excited about it. I plan to give students a lot of freedom and show them several techniques that they can choose to incorporate into a finished painting, including working with dry powder pigment and glitter, working wet paint into wet resin, incorporating photos and collage elements, and painting in 3D with successive layers of resin. 


Opening Reception & Artist talk, Tuesday July 2, 5:30-7:45pm

What do you love about being involved in Redux? The community! There are so many great artists here. Even our interns are talented. I really love being at Redux – surrounded by the amazing art in the main gallery, and the other studio renters. They are so helpful and friendly.

Favorite music to listen to while working in your studio? I’ve been listening to a lot of Alcest, Grimes, Daft Punk and Sigur Ros lately. I also like playing Gustav Holst’s The Planets to rev up my painting mood.

Future goals/aspirations. I would really like to have more solo and group shows locally, nationally and internationally. I’d also like to be represented by a gallery somewhere.


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