Patch Whisky

Patch Whisky painting Redux's new mural!

Patch Whisky painting Redux’s new mural!

You may have seen him around town in his signature porkpie and scruffy lambchops- “his fur,” he calls it- the muralist Patch Whisky is as striking as the whimsically weird portals into strangeness that he paints for a living.  When we spoke, Whisky was in West Virginia with his team on a new painting.  This assignment involved tearing apart an old wall in order to make the surface even; Whisky was giddy to be wearing a construction hat while he worked.

“We look like construction workers!” he said.

He recently finished a large-scale piece outside Redux studios, which he describes as a “giant organic doodle.”  He prefers to work without a making an initial sketch, letting the figures evolve as he paints, although he occasionally stands back to “visualize stuff” on the wall.  Redux’s new mural came alive seamlessly, but when Whisky was working in Detroit a few weeks ago, he was being photographed the whole time.  He said he often takes pictures on his own in order to gain fresh perspective, but seeing photographs taken by other people was unnerving; he headed to work early the next day so he could adjust the mural’s direction unseen: painting over a figure with a bulging eye, drawing out the length of a carrot nose.

“My walls are evolving constantly,” Whisky said; “I try to grow on every mural.”

I asked if any of his patrons have been hesitant about letting him paint on their walls without knowing what he plans to paint.  “Well, I just direct them to my website,” he said.  “I say, look right in there, it’s all like that-”

“The Patch Whisky wormhole.”

“Yes, that’s it, it’s a wormhole, I’m bringing everyone into a Patch Whisky world.”

Come to Redux: behold!  See Charleston’s merry, dark and bulbous future…

-article by Pauline West


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