Friends, Lets Make Our World a Work of Art

Art is more than exhilarating.  Art is a tool for prosperity.

Did you know communities with a high saturation of arts & culture organizations enjoy higher civic engagement, greater social cohesion, lower poverty rates, and higher child welfare?

We hope you’ll think of us this year as you spread your love in the form of dollars and cents!  Here’s a few sugar plums to dance in your head while you write those checks, dear readers…

78% of leisure travelers include arts and culture activities in their trips- and they stay longer than other tourists!

850 million people overall visit arts & culture institutions every year.  That’s  more than attendance for major sporting sporting events and theme parks COMBINED!

What’s more, the visitors to these arts and culture institutions spend nearly $25 per person above the cost of individual admission…. helping to generate the more than 136 Billion in economic activity we see annually from American arts & culture institutions.

Arts & culture institutions spend 2 billion yearly on educational activities and welcome 55 million students annually on school trips, and half the nation’s healthcare facilities provide arts programs for their healing benefits to their patients.

Help make our city by the sea a little bit of heaven on earth.   Give to Redux this holiday season.  

Thank you!


Blackbaud, ‘Your Support Makes an Impact’

10 Reasons to Support the Arts by Americans for the Arts

Museum Facts by American Alliance of Museums


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