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New Studio Artist: the Lovely World of Kate Waddell

Kate Waddell, Blush

Kate Waddell, Blush

You would like Kate Waddell.  She has a serene, focused smile and a great handshake; her palette could have been shaken from a box of Tropical Mike and Ike’s.  

Her studio is tiled with happy canvases: glossy roosters sprawled in bold, contented shades of punch and berry; breakfast settings and bowls of fruit with backgrounds blocked out in shades of pink and blood orange.  Even the rich blues of Waddell’s figure studies have a warm, street-lit quality.  One can’t help assuming that the world of her mind must be a pleasant place to be.

“I’m just trying to bring some joy to the art world,” she says, peacefully dabbing at a rooster-in-progress.  Turning to smile at me, warmly tanned, her hair pulled off her neck in a loose ponytail.  “There are people who try to be so difficult by doing this offensive stuff, but I’d rather paint what is beautiful,” she says, and the galleries- Bee Street Studios, Brown Dog– are lining up.  

She’s fresh off a show held at Candlefish earlier this month,  and had worked hard on having ‘cohesive palette and subjects’ for that, making everything all of a piece.  “I rely on brushstrokes and line to help everything go well together.”

Kate Waddell, Curtis.

Kate Waddell, Curtis.

Her next show is back home in Columbus, Georgia- “I’m going to do more fruit stuff for that-” where she attended the same high school as Teil Duncan and Lulie Wallace, who’ve also limned out successful painting careers here in Charleston, creating similarly happy, comfortable canvases that make you smile.  

Is there something in the water back home?

Waddell pauses.  “The arts were really big at my high school,” she says.

I was intrigued.  “Seriously?”

“It’s a smaller school, so they were able to really nurture us, fostering everyone to do what they liked best.”  

We’re talking about brushstrokes, appealing lines, and I mention Wayne Thiebaud, one of my favorites.  About a painting of his, Around the Cake, which hung for many years in my hometown museum.  How’d I’d stand there and stare at it, transfixed, even when I was young- those thick, glossy strokes-!

“During my freshman year, we had this assignment.  We had to paint a portrait of an artist and also of his work.  I did Thiebaud!  His lipstick tubes- that was when I fell in love with painting.”  Waddell smiles privately, remembering the moment.

About Cofc- she “loved it, loved Charleston.”  She worked for Teal Duncan, who is five years older.  “There’s a stigma, you know, around arts majors at college”- but Duncan’s success as a painter here in Charleston made for a reassuring friendship.  Waddell thought she could make it here, too.  “I’m never leaving.”

There’s a comfortable pause as she paints, and I glance around at her studio.  Stray pink balloons left over from a recent photo shoot, a tiny white wheelie cart with a cosmetic bag, a tiny pink moleskin.  Waddell works next to a larger stainless steel cart lidded with glass.  It makes for a big, roomy palette- generous dabs of those Mike and Ike colors- and on the shelves underneath I spy a spray can, a dog eared palette, a green toolbox.  

The paints she isn’t using are arranged on a large wooden board brightly quilled with brass hooks, each one rolled up tidily and clipped in place with black binder clips.  It’s a lovely system, made for her by a young architect friend, Dixon Prewitt.

“I’m not naturally a neat person.  But I’m trying,” she says.

I ask Waddell about her process, if she works from photographs.   “I take one image and then do variations on it,” she says, decisively, and then pauses, thinking. “I see the fruit stuff in my head, though.  I do a lot of portraiture, too.  From photos.  That’s my favorite.  And I usually play music- Young the Giant, Motherfolk.  Chill music.”  

She talks about using color to depict a mood.  

“Sometimes you get a sense of color in being with people and objects.  What’s that word-” Waddell says, hunting for it-


“Yes.  That. But not dramatically,” she says.  That small private smile again as Waddell turns back to her punch-colored world, where joy itself provides all the drama she needs.  

Follow Kate on instagram at  instagram @katewaddellart.    

-article by Pauline West, a novelist and writer for Redux Contemporary Art Center.  Her novel Evening’s Land  won the 2014 Helene Wurlitzer Fellowship Award and 2015’s Carol Marie Smith Scholarship for Martha’s Vineyard Writer’s Residency.  West is represented by Natalia Aponte of AponteLiterary.

Kate Waddell

Kate Waddell, Palmer.

Kate Waddell, Citrus City.

Kate Waddell, Citrus City.

Kate Waddell, Vendue Blue.

Kate Waddell, Vendue Blue.

Kate Waddell, Guac

Kate Waddell, Guac


Open Studios is May 29!

Redux_OpenStudios_2014_webOur Open Studios events are a way to get to know all of the Redux studio artists who call our space their creative home.

While we welcome the public into Redux year round, this is your exclusive opportunity to look behind the curtains, meet the artists, learn about their techniques and practice, renew your Redux membership, sign up for classes, and maybe even take a new piece of art home!

Current Redux Studio Artists:

Alizey Khan
Brian Stetson
Camela Guevara
India McElroy
Joshua Breland
Kaminer Haislip
Karen Ann Myers
Kate Long Stevenson
Kate MacNeil
Kate Mullin
Kevin LePrince
Lindsay Windham
Lulie Wallace
Mariah Channing
Paula McInerny
Raven Roxanne
Taillefer Long
Teil Duncan
Thomas Ozmore
Todd Anderson
Trever Webster
Whitney Kreb

Spoleto + Redux Open Studios


OPEN STUDIOS TONIGHT! Come discover all that Redux has to offer with a tour of our facilities, a chance to view our new exhibition by Andrea Stanislav:Nothing is True, Everything is Permitted, and be amazed by our revamped (traditional) dark room! Visitors will also have the rare opportunity to meet our studio artists and see what they’re working on. Light refreshments will be served.

Redux Studio Artists  Lulie Wallace, Teil Duncan, Kaminer Haislip, Lauren Rackley, Paula McInerny, Kate Long Stevenson, Whitney Kreb, Jen Ervin, Mariah Channing, Taillefer Long, Sally Bennett Baxley, Alizey Khan, Kate Mullin, Charles Williams, Camela Guevara, Kate MacNeil, Todd Anderson, Jane Ann Sweeny, Greg Hart, Luke Vehorn, Austin Grace Smith, Lindsay Windham, Marshall Thomas, Karen Ann Myers, Linnie Trettin

Redux Artist Kirsten Moran: “Unearthed”

Untitled, by Kirsten Moran 30×30″, oil painting

Redux Studio Artist, Kirstan Moran‘s new solo exhibition, Unearthed will have an opening reception tonight at the Flagship Gallery, 475 East Bay Street from 5- 8pm. The exhibition will run through July 30, 2012. Kirsten was recently featured in the Art Mag and you can read her lovely profile here.

“Untitled, Artifact 5″, by Kirsten Moran, 20×16”, Oil painting

For more information please contact studio@kirstenmoran.com or call the Flagship Gallery at 843-724-3773.

Sneak Preview of Redux’s New Mural

Redux strives to offer a diverse range of risk-taking exhibitions each year and this week marks the opening of one of it’s most challenging and reflective exhibits of 2012. 

On Friday, The Redux will open Colin Quashie‘s exhibit, Plantation (Plan-ta-shun) which will not only include a thought-provoking exhibit in the main gallery, but a provocative new mural on Redux’s exterior as well. Both will be on view from March 30-May 6, 2012.

To you excited, here’s a few Instagram photos captured by Redux Studio Artist, Jen Ervin.

Redux's new mural by Colin Quashie now in progress.

Close-up#2, Redux new mural by Colin Quashie.

“Colin Quashie is equal to the hard questions that he raises, but often the issues are camouflaged in pop culture imagery and a form of “Warholesque” flashiness which confounds as it derides the spectator.” >Learn more

"You're a Quaker", Close-up #3, Redux's new mural by Colin Quashie

Redux Revival Countdown – Tomorrow is the day!

Only 2 more days until The Recurring Revival at Redux! Do you have your tickets yet? Tickets are $10 in advance and will be $12 at the door. Kids under 10 are free!

Come meet Redux artists.

Open Studios

On Saturday, you’ll have the opportunity to tour Redux facilities and visit the artist’s studios. Come meet our printmakers, painters, photographers, designers, bookmakers & woodworkers! You’ll not only have the chance to talk with our artists about their work and their techniques, you will be able to see them at work. Some of our artists will have affordable work for sale.

Charles Williams making waves.

Revival at Redux Countdown – 8 Days!

On Saturday, March 3 we will have a traditional raffle during The Recurring Revival at Redux. Final details are still in the works, but we thought we would stir excitement by sharing the news that some of the prizes will be private art lessons with our talented and highly-skilled studio artists. 

Drawing by Janie Askew

One of the instructional give-aways will be a 2-hour private drawing class given by our new director, Janie Askew. Not only is she a fabulous administrator, she is also an accomplished artist in drawing, painting and printmaking! You can learn more about Janie’s art by visiting her website and/or revisit Redux’s more personal blog interview with her on February 23. Other prizes will include gift certificates to local restaurants, beauty services by well-known salons, and more. As the festival approaches, additional prize details will be announced, so stay posted!